Symposium Schedule

Friday, February 1


Registration & Breakfast


Welcome Remarks & Introduction

  • Nicholas Diakopoulos, Program Chair
  • Gregory J. Shepherd, Dean of the School of Communication
  • Nicholas Tsinoremas, Director of the Center for Computational Science
  • Jennifer Preston, VP Journalism Program, Knight Foundation
  • Alberto Cairo, General Chair


Keynote: “The Augmented and Automated Newsroom”

  • Lisa Gibbs, director of news partnerships, Associated Press – @lisagibbs954


Coffee Break


Panel: The Human Side to Automation, Algorithms, and AI

  • Moderator: Bahareh Heravi (University College Dublin) – @Bahareh360
  • The Human Touch in Automated Fact-Checking (Bill Adair, Mark Stencel, Cathy Clabby and Chengkai Li)
    • Presenter: Mark Stencel (Duke University) – @markstencel
  • Addressing Micro-Audiences at Scale (Titus Plattner)
    • Presenter: Titus Plattner (Tamedia AG) – @titusplattner
  • Photomation or Fauxtomation? Automation in the Newsroom and the Impact on Editorial Labour – A Case Study (Stuart Myles)
    • Presenter: Stuart Myles (Associated Press) – @smyles




Keynote: “Projecting Confidence: How the Probabilistic Horse Race Confuses and Demobilizes the Public”

  • Yphtach Lelkes, Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania – @ylelkes


Coffee break


Panel: Information Quality: Measurement, Perception, and Manipulation

  • Moderator: John Wihbey (Northeastern University) – @wihbey
  • Can Machine Learning Help Us Measure the Trustworthiness of News? (Samhir Vasdev)
    • Presenter: Samhir Vasdev (IREX) – @samhirvasdev
  • Credibility Coalition: Bridging Research and Practice towards Open Standards for Online Content (Amy Zhang)
    • Presenter: Amy Zhang (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) – @amyxzh
  • The Role of Source, Headline and Expressive Responding in Political News Evaluation (Maurice Jakesch, Moran Koren, Anna Evtushenko and Mor Naaman)
    • Presenter: Maurice Jakesch (Cornell University)
  • How the Interplay of Google and Wikipedia Affects Perceptions of Online News Sources (Annabel Rothschild, Emma Lurie and Eni Mustafaraj)
    • Presenter: Annabel Rothschild (Wellesley College)
  • State-Sponsored Disinformation Targeting the US: What We Now Know (Renée DiResta)
    • Presenter: Renée DiResta (Mozilla) – @noUpside


Panel: Algorithms: Useful Tools or Objects of Investigation?




Poster & Demo Reception

  • MAGIC: Machine Generated Content and AI in Practice (Yuchen Yang, Shuwen)
    • Presenter: Yuchen Yang, Shuwen (Alibaba Group)
  • A Chatbot to Train Capacities Against Misinformation (Adrián Pino and Octavio Gabriel Del Real)
    • Presenter: Adrián Pino (Datos Concepción)
  • Slidetrack: Adding an Interactive, Visual Track to Online Audio (Daniel Lathrop)
    • Presenter: Daniel Lathrop (The University of Iowa) – @lathropd
  • Visualizing Complex Narratives with Parallel Timelines (Andre Spritzer and Carla Maria Dal Sasso Freitas)
    • Presenter: Andre Spritzer (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul) – @reztirps
  • Leprosy of the Land: Interactive Map of Illegal Amber Mining Sites in Ukraine (Anatoliy Bondarenko)
    • Presenter: Anatoliy Bondarenko (Texty) – @dvrnd
  • Robust Web Scraping in the Public Interest with AutoScrape (Brandon Roberts)
    • Presenter: Brandon Roberts – @bxrobertz
  • Belief-Driven Data Journalism (Francis Nguyen, Samana Shrestha, Joe Germuska, Yea-Seul Kim and Jessica Hullman)
    • Presenter: Francis Nguyen (Northwestern University)
  • Automated Pop-­Up Fact-­Checking: Challenges & Progress (Bill Adair, Chengkai Li, Jun Yang and Cong Yu)
    • Presenter: Jun Yang (Duke University)
  • Timeline Storyteller: The Design & Deployment of an Interactive Authoring Tool for Expressive Timeline Narratives (Matthew Brehmer, Bongshin Lee, Nathalie Riche, David Tittsworth, Kate Lytvynets, Darren Edge and Christopher White)
    • Presenter: Matthew Brehmer (Microsoft Research) -@mattbrehmer
  • A Large-Scale Study of Social Media Sources in News Articles (Md Main Uddin Rony, Mohammad Yousuf and Naeemul Hassan)
    • Presenter: Naeemul Hassan (University of Mississippi) – @naeemulhassan
  • Why News Automation Fails (Laurence Dierickx)
    • Presenter: Laurence Dierickx (Université libre de Bruxelles) – @ohmyshambles
  • ModBot: Automatic Comments Moderation (Ling Jiang and Eui-Hong Han)
    • Presenter: Ling Jiang (The Washington Post)
  • Crisis News Discovery in Open Data Repositories (Thomas Sentis, Steven Lynden and Julien Leblay)
    • Presenter: Thomas Sentis (Ecole Polytechnique)
  • Modeling Factual Claims by Frames (Fatma Arslan, Damian Jimenez, Josue Caraballo, Gensheng Zhang and Chengkai Li)
    • Presenter: Fatma Arslan (University of Texas at Arlington)
  • Project Historian: Automatic Timeline Generation (Tiancheng Zhang and Susan McGregor)
    • Presenter: Tiancheng Zhang (Columbia University)
  • Neural Headline Generation with Self-Training (Kazuma Murao, Shintaro Takemae, Hayato Kobayashi, Taichi Yatsuka, Masaki Noguchi, Hitoshi Nishikawa and Takenobu Tokunaga)
    • Presenter: Kazuma Murao (Yahoo! Japan)
  • Newsroom Textual Analysis and Visualization Tools Built With R Shiny (Aleszu Bajak, John Wihbey, Gibson Free and Paxtyn Merten)
    • Presenter: Paxtyn Merten (Northeastern University) – @wihbey; Aleszu Bajak (Northeastern University) – @aleszubajak
  • How We Made Our “Crossing Divides” News Game (Pietro Passarelli, Alli Shultes, Fionntán O’donnell and Luke Hutton)
    • Presenter: Pietro Passarelli (BBC News Labs) – @pietropassarell
  • Automatically Selecting Images for News Articles with Keyword Extraction (Neil Thurman and Martin Schön)
    • Presenter: Martin Schön (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich)

Saturday, February 2




Keynote: “From Designing Boxes to Designing Algorithms: How Programming the News Has Evolved at the New York Times”

  • Brian Hamman, Vice President of Engineering, The New York Times – @hamman


Coffee Break


Panel: Tools for Reporting & Storytelling




Community Town Hall


Panel: Factchecking & Verification


Closing Remarks & Conclude

  • Irfan Essa (Georgia Institute of Technology)