“The Augmented and Automated Newsroom”

Four years after the Associated Press began automating corporate earnings stories, the agency has made automation and AI an integral strategic initiative. Ongoing projects include real-time video transcription, a news summarization tool and a platform that uses machine learning to verify video posted on social media. AP’s experiences illustrate how news organizations are using automation and AI to break news and assist beat reporting, produce content more efficiently, prevent misinformation and personalize the news for their audiences. This discussion will also explore the resources, workflow, and ethical frameworks needed to take advantage of these technologies and ensure they are deployed in the public interest.

Lisa Gibbs is the director of news partnerships at The Associated Press and the  newsroom’s point person on AP’s automation and artificial intelligence strategy group. This includes working with industry leaders and emerging startups to identify smart applications of automation/AI in media, project development, workflow integration and training. Current projects span a range of technologies, such as image recognition, video transcription and using machine learning to verify information plus surface breaking news stories and trending topics. A native of Miami, Florida, she joined AP in 2014 as global business editor from Money (Time Inc.) and is a previous executive business editor of the Miami Herald. In 2016, she was named Business Journalist of the Year by TalkingBizNews.